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3d tour and floor plan

Welcome to the World of iGUIDE

Our mission at Planitar Inc. is to become the gold standard for connecting people with property information. We will map the world and look forward to the day when there is an iGUIDE for every property around the globe!

Using our patented iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System, iGUIDE Operators have the quickest and most efficient way to document existing built space. iGUIDE property data sets deliver photos, floor plans, room measurements, square footage calculation, 3D property tours, and also enable an array of other property management tools. The Planitar Inc. sales, marketing, training, drafting, and support teams are focused on working with iGUIDE.

Operators to create and build successful businesses using iGUIDE technology. Take a moment and explore the information contained in this package and on goiguide.com to see how iGUIDE will elevate your photography business.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

iGUIDE Connects People with Essential Property Information

Professional photographers use our proprietary iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System to capture property data which is then processed by the iGUIDE Drafting Team to create iGUIDEs.

Access to reliable property information benefits everyone. Faster decision making, better planning, and easier navigation are the result.

Each iGUIDE includes floor plans, 3D virtual tours, room dimensions, photos, and more. iGUIDE is designed to help decision makers in a variety of industries like: Real Estate, Property Management, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and independent business owners.

We Stand Behind Our Measurements

iGUIDE Camera’s time-of-flight laser scanner gives confidence in measurements. With only a 0.5% or less dimensional uncertainty, we don’t leave much room for error so you can deliver reliable floor plans.

iGUIDE Perks for Photographers and Their Clients

Photographers choose iGUIDE when they need:

  • Accurate and complete floor plan data and room measurements
  • To capture 3D tour imagery at the same time
  • To minimize the time spent on site. It only takes about 15 minutes to map a 3000 sq ft home!
  • To provide 24hr turnaround time for the iGUIDE to be produced and delivered to their clients

Agents choose iGUIDE Operators because it:

  • Is a complete listing and marketing toolkit for agents that includes: a 3D tour, photos, videos, floor plans, reliable measurements, and square footage
  • Makes home selling process less disruptive for home sellers (reduces showings and open houses)
  • Provides more crucial information enabling buyers to make an informed purchasing decision faster and to better understand property value
  • Leads to a shorter sell time and a higher sale price

iGUIDE PLANIX: The Camera System that Delivers


  • Measurement range: up to 40m
  • Measurement uncertainty: +/- 1cm up to max range (typical, based on at least 60cm wide wall segment)
  • Laser scanner field of view: 360 degrees
  • 360° camera: Ricoh THETA Z1

Connectivity and System Control

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 2.4GHz/5GHz Access Point
  • Planitar web app in a web browser over Wi-Fi from any device


  • System battery: 7.2V 6.9Ah/47.7Wh Li-Ion, user-replaceable
  • System power supply: Input – 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 1.0A; Output – 12VDC, 3.3A
  • System battery performance: 7 hours of typical operation


  • System unit weight: 980g (2.16lbs)
  • System unit dimensions: W: 34cm (13.4″) x D: 11cm (4.3″) x H: 11cm (4.3″)
  • Shipping weight (with carrying case, without packaging): 3.6 kg (8 lbs)
  • Carrying case dimensions: W: 39cm (15.4″) x D: 29cm (11.2″) x H: 17cm (6.7″)
  • Tripod mounting thread: 1/4-20


  • Operating temperature range: 0-40 degrees C (32-104 degrees F)
  • Storage temperature range: -20-50 degrees C (-4-122 degrees F)
  • Relative humidity: 0-90%
iGUIDE Planix Image

Photographers Love the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System

Key Benefits of the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System:

  • Collects visual data for 360° images and laser scan data for drafting floor plans
  • Has an embedded Linux computer that allows the camera to be controlled via web browser from any Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Uses a time-of-flight laser scanner to create a 2D point cloud map of building walls on each floor
  • Features GPU-accelerated HDR image processing
  • Can also be used to take still photos with sufficient resolution for web photo gallery

Outstanding Speed of Capture

Save time and visit more properties thanks to iGUIDE’s impressive speed of capture. You can create a panorama and measure a room simultaneously in less than 20 seconds or scan a 3000 sq ft house in 15 minutes.

Stitch, Drafting, and Delivery

Stitch Software Brings it All Together

Stitch Software was designed with professional photographers in mind. It provides a quick and easy way to process 360° images produced by the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System. Photographers can have as much control as they like – the process can either be left to our professional automatic settings or they can edit and adjust the images as they see fit. This data is then sent in to the iGUIDE Drafting Team for processing.

Hands-On Drafting

We’re hands-on. The iGUIDE Drafting Team interpret the data that has been captured by the iGUIDE PLANIX Camera System to discern measurements, draft floor plans, and create the components of the iGUIDE. iGUIDE Drafters work Monday – Saturday to draft and deliver iGUIDEs with a next day turnaround that exceeds industry standards.

Delivery You Can Count On!

The final iGUIDE is then delivered to you – the iGUIDE Operator, as well as anyone else you designate, such as your client. The iGUIDE can be shared by your clients between their team members or on listing sites, social media, and websites. It can also be shared offline or as printed material.

Choose Your iGUIDE® Package

Full Property Tour Full Property Tour
Property Floor Plans Detailed Property Floor Plans
Room Measurements Room Measurements
Floor Area Calculations Floor Area Calculations
Neighborhood Map Neighborhood Map
Advanced Measurements Advanced Measurements
iGUIDE Standard Floor Plans iGUIDE Premium Floor Plans

* Can be added to a Standard iGUIDE for $15 USD.

Every iGUIDE Package Includes:

Property Marketing Tools:

  • Photo Integration
  • Video Integration
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Custom Agent Branding
  • Feature Sheet Creator
  • Content Embedding Tools
  • 1 Year Hosting  (currently no hosting fee charged after the 1st year)

iGUIDE Management Tools:

Buyer Planning Tools:

  • On-screen Measurement
  • Printable Floor Plans
  • CAD Floor Plan Files

Expand Your Services with Google Business

People who view a business listing with a 3D Virtual Tour are TWICE as likely to be interested in visiting the business. Get your clients’ businesses seen when it matters most with iGUIDE!

iGUIDE® Operator Training and Resources

iGUIDE Technical Training

We created a series of step-by-step videos to walk you through using the iGUIDE Camera Systems, Stitch Software, and iGUIDE Portal. Easy-to-follow instructions accompany each video to ensure a quick learning curve.

iGUIDE Tech Tips

Tech Tips is our YouTube channel devoted to sharing iGUIDE best practices to make workflows efficient and seamless. Learn how to use the iGUIDE system to create 3D tours, take reliable measurements, and create floor plans.

iGUIDE Marketing and Business Resources

iGUIDE Operators get free access to our online Marketing Catalogue: a library of print, web, video, and graphic resources, marketing, and sales support materials. They can use these professional and polished resources to market and grow their photography business.

Be sure to watch our Building Blocks video series, hosted by our Co-Founder, Kevin Klages. It’s focused on walking new and existing iGUIDE Operators through the practical tools, processes, and strategies for growing your photography business.

iGUIDE Support

Enjoy ongoing support through system documentation and information, online customer support, and system update notices.

The iGUIDE Forum is a place for iGUIDE Operators to support one another’s operational and business questions, concerns, and comments. Crowdsource support, tips, and industry news from other successful Operators in our vibrant community.


iGuide - Planix Core
iGUIDE PLANIX Core has the same features as iGUIDE PLANIX, but is aimed at users who already have a Ricoh Theta Z1 and would like to use it for making iGUIDEs. Installation instructions for Theta onto the PLANIX platform are easy to follow. $1,599 US + shipping
What’s included: Customer provides:
  • Indoor Mapping System iGUIDE PLANIX Core
  • System battery
  • System power supply
  • 16GB USB Flash drive
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • Ricoh THETA Z1
  • Tripod with ball head
  • Any phone or tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity
iGuide - Planix Pro
iGUIDE PLANIX Pro hardware is the same as iGUIDE PLANIX, but its Theta lenses have been calibrated by Planitar. While measurements on the floor plans (Measure Mode 1) result from the laser scanner and have the same accuracy for all PLANIX models, PLANIX Pro provides up to 3 times better accuracy when measuring in 3D space using images (Modes 2 and 3). $2,699 US + shipping
What’s included: Customer provides:
  • Indoor Mapping System iGUIDE PLANIX Pro with Ricoh Theta Z1 (with calibrated lenses)
  • System battery
  • System power supply
  • 16GB USB Flash drive
  • Theta Lens Cap
  • Carrying case with shoulder strap
  • Tripod with ball head
  • Any phone or tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity

iGUIDE Processing – United States and International

Processing (USD) iGUIDE Premium iGUIDE 
Up to 1,450 sq ft $29 $43.50
1,450 – 10,000 sq ft $0.02 per sq ft $0.03 per sq ft
Over 10,000 sq ft $200 + $0.015 per sq ft over 10,000 $300 + $0.023 per sq ft over 10,000
  • Charges are based on billable sq ft with minimum charge of $29 USD for iGUIDE and $43.50 USD for Premium iGUIDE.
  • One year of hosting in the iGUIDE Cloud included in processing fee (currently no hosting fee charged after the 1st year).
  • Processed iGUIDEs can be downloaded for offline viewing or self-hosting.


  • VR is included in Premium iGUIDEs. It can be added to a Standard iGUIDE for $15 USD.
  • Pano Update: First 10 panos: $15 USD. $0.75 USD per pano after that.
  • Google Street View Export: Included with all iGUIDE packages
  • Floorplanner Export: Included with all iGUIDE packages*
  • Advanced Measurements: Included with all iGUIDE packages

*Please note that depending on the type of your Floorplanner.com account, you may be charged by Floorplanner when you create a project: A level 1 project (free) will be created for Free and Plus accounts. A level 2 project (2 credits) will be created for all other accounts. If you do not have any credits, a level 1 project will be created.

Delivery Time and Additional Requirements

  • iGUIDEs that have all required data uploaded to the Portal by 7 am ET will get drafted the same day.
  • iGUIDEs uploaded during off time or after 7 am will get drafted the next working day.
  • Exact completion time depends on the daily volume of iGUIDEs and can be any time between 7 am ET and midnight.
  • iGUIDEs are drafted in the order in which the files were uploaded to the Portal.
  • No drafting occurs on Sundays and official holidays in Ontario, Canada.
  • For iGUIDEs greater than 10,000 sq ft, same-day return for the completed iGUIDE is not guaranteed. The delivery date will be determined by the size and complexity of the property.

Any questions must be addressed by opening a ticket at support.youriguide.com

Features iGUIDE Premium iGUIDE 
Floor Plans
3D Virtual Tour
Room Measurements
Floor Area Calculations
Content Delivery Platform
Advanced Measurements
Google Street View Export
Floorplanner Export
Detailed Floor Plans (Fixtures and Appliances)
VR Compatible *

* While VR is included in Premium iGUIDEs, it can be added to a Standard iGUIDE for a fee.

Content Delivery Platform includes:

  • Photo Gallery and Slide Show

  • Video and Drone Integration

  • Property Report Email

  • Neighbourhood Map

  • Agent Branding

  • Weekly Analytics Email

  • Embedding Tool

  • Feature Sheet Creator

  • Downloadable Offline iGUIDE

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