2017 CSC Student Design Challenge



iGUIDE is used to map and document environments; creating visual and dimensional information for planning, designing and evaluating spaces. Use the iGUIDE below to explore the Catalyst 137 building.  If you need some help, familiarizing yourself with the iGUIDE watch this video.

Handy tips for navigation:

  • You can see and navigate by clicking and dragging on the visuals with your mouse. If you are on a mobile device you can just drag your finger.  You can also move throughout the property by clicking the navigations arrows.
  • You can click on the dots to teleport to any area of the house at any time. The fastest way to get the information you want is to click the dot located in the space you want to investigate.
  • You can minimize the floor plan at any time by clicking on the icon located in the top right corner of the white area. This will give you better access to the visuals.
  • You can look at different levels of the property by clicking on the floor selector in the bottom right of the white area

Winning Submission

TEAM NAME:   Team Two

SCHOOL:   Conestoga College

TEAM MEMBERS:   Thiska Meereboer, Erin Wetzel, Henry Dowling and Mike Latter

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